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Attorneys - Mediators

About Our


Client relationships are the heart of my practice. For more than 30 years, the satisfaction of guiding my clients through difficult situations and helping them achieve their goals, has driven me to provide excellent service from the beginning to the end of a case.

I listen to you. Your situation is unique. I don't believe in "one size fits all" lawyering. I will work with you to craft an approach that makes sense for your goals and needs.

Teamwork is the foundation of my client relationships. Together, we will decide on the most effective strategy for achieving your unique goal. That means you'll get an honest assessment of the chances of reaching your goal, and a road map of how to get there and how much it's likely to cost. 

I'm approachable and I speak your language. You will always work directly with me, not a paralegal or secretary. I answer my phone personally. I help you understand the law and how it applies to your case. I'll never talk down to you.

(831) 375-6381

The Law Office of Jane E. Bednar offers cost-effective legal services in the following areas: 

MISSION STATEMENT: Offering customized legal services combined with the highest professional standards to meet or exceed your expectations at a fair price to achieve the best possible results.

My approach to legal representation rests firmly on the following principles:


I subscribe to and maintain the very highest ethical standards in dealings with clients, witnesses, opposing counsel, and the courts. I have worked long and hard to build and maintain a reputation for quality, fairness, honesty, consistency and courtesy throughout the California legal community, even when aggressively pursuing the claims or defenses of my client.


I use a highly creative, intuitive and collaborative team approach to build client trust and maximize the likelihood of a favorable outcome to your case. To that end, I encourage and nurture open, frequent, honest and detailed communication with my clients at every stage of the matter. I start by listening. Legal representation is an interactive process involving lawyer and client as the case evolves.


Legal services are growing increasingly expensive. Intelligent cost management is a primary focus at The Law Office of Jane E. Bednar. Each decision in a litigated case should be scrutinized for strategic value in the overall context of the lawsuit. At the outset of your case and at each critical juncture, I will review your options and work with you to develop a realistic budget and plan the most cost-effective way to attain your goals.

Practical Experience.

I use my diverse experience and understanding from a variety of legal disciplines across multiple counties in the intelligent evaluation and handling of your matter so as to yield practical and realistic results.

Established Networks That Maximize Resources.

I appear regularly in legal actions and transactions throughout California. I have associated with many high-profile law firms throughout the state on a variety of matters. As a result, I have established a solid network of colleagues, experts and assets that can be brought to bear in the service of your cause or case.  


Handling Appearances & Legal Matters in Most California Counties

Mailing Address:

Post Office Box 449

Carmel Valley, CA 93924-0449


(831) 375-6381


(877) 544-0031

Direct email: j[email protected]

(or use the "Contact Us" page)


Mon - Fri: 8AM - 6PM; evenings and weekends by appointment.

I mediate, counsel, advise, negotiate, and litigate cases in most California counties.  

The Law Office of Jane E. Bednar does NOT practice law outside the state of California and does NOT render legal opinions for use outside the jurisdiction of California.

The Law Office of Jane E. Bednar offers knowledgeable, high-quality legal representation to individuals and entities throughout the state of California. Services include mediation, litigation and counseling in the areas of personal injury, elder abuse, professional malpractice and fee disputes, trust and estate litigation, abusive mortgage practices, consumer fraud, contracts, business & real estate law, and defective construction.

©2021, Jane E. Bednar

DISCLAIMER: Nothing published in this website is intended as a substitute for personalized legal advice. Statements made on this website do not constitute legal advice and do not constitute a guarantee as to outcome. The Law Office of Jane E. Bednar is licensed to practice law in the State of California. The Law Office of Jane E. Bednar will not dispense legal advice or engage in legal representation outside of the state of California and nothing contained on this website is intended as such. No attorney-client relationship is created through this website. If you would like to become a client, feel free to contact us and make and appointment for a formal consultation at which time, if appropriate, we can agree to enter into an attorney-client relationship through the execution of an attorneys' fee agreement or limited engagement agreement. Until such time, no attorney-client relationship can or will be created between The Law Office of Jane E. Bednar and you.